It is important to The Others that  people understand a few things about the process of knowledge transference.

  1. All information from what we term the light realm is filtered through Donna’s own belief and value system.
  2. The answers they give are directed at the growth of an individual’s soul.

Frequently asked Questions

No. Donna has no memory of the knowledge she imparts during public sessions. She relies on Neil to assist people when they have questions relating to any specific topic raised during the session.

If desired, you can make a recording for playing back at your own convenience.

No. They will however tell people if they have fulfilled their purpose, or in some cases, inform people what they need to do to realign with their life purpose.

No. They read the energy of people, that is all.

No. People are free to ask any questions they like. The Others will either answer the question or explain why they cannot.

Not directly. Messages can be passed but these are dependent on many circumstances. The Others in most cases will explain the reasons why a message is not available.

Yes, you can. Sometimes important information is conveyed that is lengthy and difficult to remember in its entirety. We allow people to record an entire session if they so choose.