Tapping into the wisdom and knowledge of The Others

From a need a potential is realised.

In 2002, in response to the needs of a dying friend, The Others started their communication with Donna.

The term The Others distinguishes these light energies from those with whom Donna had been previously acknowledged through her dreams.

Today Donna is one of New Zealand’s leading facilitators in the transfer of knowledge from the light realm.

Tuatara Wisdom

At each public session of The Others we display this tapestry. It depicts two Tuatara, native lizards to New Zealand. They are symbolic of our ancient wisdom.  The Tuatara are woven in the colours of South Canterbury’s braided rivers and the hazy colours of our distant mountains.

Encircling the Tuatara is a Koru ball. The Koru ball symbolises the balance of harmony and awakening of personal growth. The patterns leading up and down from the Tautara depict all our family trees, our Whanau that support us above and below.

The fibres have been hand-dyed in the colours of South Canterbury and the McKenzie country: hot summers, tussock with a hint of spring, fresh green growth, clear water systems and willow shade.

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Woven by Donna Hitchcox


Donna Hitchcox


Neil Hitchcox