Mind Body Soul Festival – Christchurch

W2015-09-05_01h46_55e have booked a site at the Mind Body Soul Festival in Christchurch on the weekend of 19 – 20 September 2015. Both Donna and I will be there and would love for you to come and see our site. We are both very excited to be launching a new product at the show. A 56 card transfer of knowledge set each one channeled from “The Others”. The intent of the cards is to further the growth of an individuals soul. At our site we will have a set of cards available for people to take to opportunity to find where there energy is at that point in time. Look for our sign,

We are also running two¬† free workshops where member of the audience are free to ask any questions of “The Others”. The first is on Saturday morning at 11:00am and another on Sunday afternoon at 3:oopm.

We will also be putting on a live 2 hour show on Sunday 6:00pm. The cost of the show is $25.00 per person with tickets available at the festival entrance or book online. The show has a much different format to the workshops. The Others will be discussing the changing energies we are experiencing and personal freedom of choice. Each participant will be given a goodie bag. There is also a segment where questions will be answered.

Take a look at what else is happening at the Body Mind Spirit Festival.

Use the map below to locate our site at the festival.